Dr. Evans is certified by the International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care (IAAHPC) as a Certified Hospice and Palliative Veterinarian (CHPV).

Hospice and palliative care are specialized forms of medical care that focus on providing comfort and support to pets who are facing a terminal illness or are in the final stages of life. These services are designed to improve the quality of life for the pet and to provide support for the pet owner as they navigate the end-of-life journey.

A hospice/palliative care consult is a service offered by veterinarians that allows pet owners to discuss their options for end-of-life care with a medical professional. During a hospice/palliative care consult, the veterinarian will assess the pet's condition and work with the pet owner to develop a plan that addresses the pet's specific needs and goals.

Hospice/palliative care consults can involve a variety of services, including pain management, symptom control, and emotional support. The goal of these services is to help the pet live their remaining days as comfortably and peacefully as possible.

English Cockerel

In addition to providing medical care, hospice/palliative care consults can also provide support for the pet owner. This can include help with decision-making, emotional support, and guidance on how to best care for the pet at home.

Hospice/palliative care consults are an important resource for pet owners who are facing the difficult decision of how to care for a pet who is approaching the end of their life. It is important to find a veterinarian who is experienced in providing this service and who is willing to listen to the concerns and needs of the pet owner.