Lacey G.

Charleston, SC


This is a review no one wants to have to write, but when I was searching for help with giving my sweet girl the most peaceful and dignified passing possible, I was reading through all of these reviews to try to help me navigate such a brutal decision.

My sweet girl P was a 15 year old hound mix whose arthritis made it painful for her to travel by car, and whose anxiety in her last years made it taxing on her anytime we left home. I knew for her peace that I had to make sure that I could let her go at home, in her most comfortable place.

My regular vet at Sun Dog Cat Moon recommended Dr Evans, both on a professional and personal level. I called a couple others as well to do my due diligence, but Dr Evans was who I felt most comfortable with for my girl.

I was able to make sure that P had the calmest of environment at our home, which was huge to me. Dr Evans explained everything from start to finish with detail, grace, and with an empathetic demeanor. For an experience that I feared and absolutely dreaded, she made it feel dignified and peaceful. I trusted her very much throughout the experience.

I know if you are reading this, you are most likely having to make a heart-breaking decision for a pet you love so much. I am so grateful that I chose Dr Evans to guide me through P's passing. I don't know how to recommend her more highly.

Cathryn S.

West Ashley, Charleston, SC


It was my little ones time to pass over the rainbow bridge, and I wanted to give him the ability to stay home surrounded by everyone that loved him if it was possible. Dr. Evans went above and beyond. She walked us through everything, was able to make a late night visit on the same day, and made special arrangements for our boy. No one wants to have to say goodbye, but I'm so glad it was Dr. Evans that day. If you're looking for someone who's truly compassionate and cares, look no further.